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image image DX 25FT

Compatible with DX-2000 2008UC 2508NC Page yield Black :20000 color:8000

image image MX 23

Compatible with MX2010U/2310U/3111U/2616N/3116N(EU/US) Page yield Black :18000 color:10000

image image MX 235

Compatible with MX-M182/202/232/AR5618/5620/5623 Page yield Black :25000

image image MX 237

Compatible with AR-2048S/2348S/2048D/2348D/2048N/2348N/2648N/3148N/6020D /6020N/6023D/6023N/6026N/6031N Page yield Black :20000

image image MX 312FT

Compatible with MX-M261/M261N/M311/M311N/M260/310/314/354/ AR5726/5731 Page yield Black :15000